study finds autism more prevalent than previously thought



An article on this morning dicusses details of a study conducted by the CDC that found the rate of autism for children ages 3-17 to be just over 1%.  The telephone study of 78,000 surveyed parents to find out if they had ever been told by a health care provider that their child had autism, asperger’s syndroms, or pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified.  However, 40% of parents answered “No” to the follow-up question: is your child considered to have autism now.

These findings would raise the statistic from 1 in 150 to approximately 1 in 100 diagnosed with autism, and put the current number of children with autism in the U.S. at 673,000.  However, it is not determined whether the number of cases have acutally increased or if health care providers are simply more aware and able to diagnose autism.

Visit for the entire article on


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