1 in 150 Graphic

Awareness Week begins TONIGHT with Streetpainting!

  • Meet us at the Tate bus stop at Midnight!  It will not take long at all, and is such a good time!

  • THURSDAY- Eat at Doc Chey’s for lunch or dinner. Mention AutismUGA, and we get a % of the proceeds 

**The member that brings the most friends to Doc Chey’s will get a gift card to their restaurant of choice**

  • Thursday night we will be hosting a benefit concert at Lansdowne.  If are interested in working set-up, clean-up, or during the event e-mail talhersh@uga.edu. Come out for some awesome music!!!

  • Friday we have a table inside Tate from 10-2 p.m. If you are interested in taking a shift at the table, e-mail Sheryl.Gudelsky@gmail.com.

**Come by the Tate table on Friday to pick up “Dawgs for AutismUGA” stickers to wear and pass out at the LSU game**


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