Ava’s Law Update!

Below I have coped a letter from Shelley Hendrix, who is Director of State Advocacy for Autism Speaks, RE: Ava’s Law!

Dear Georgia Autism Advocate,

Today was a great day in the Georgia State Assembly. Ava’s Law passed the Senate Committee and the House Sub Committee – but not until about 7pm tonight. As a result the hearing originally scheduled for tomorrow morning has been post-poned.

Once again we need your help.

We need you to be quiet. Amazingly quiet.

Here is How You Can Help:

1. STOP CONTACTING THE SENATE! Stop all of your phone calls and emails to the Senate in support of Ava’s Law.

2. STOP CONTACTING THE HOUSE! Stop all of your phone calls and emails to the House in support of Ava’s Law.

3. STAY TUNED! Sign up at http://www.autismvotes.org and stay tuned! Keep your ears to the ground because as soon as we know that Ava’s Law has been rescheduled we will have you calling the committee once again as much as you can!

4. PLAN ON ATTENDING THE HOUSE HEARING – TBA! We greatly appreciate the people who were able to show up at the hearing today but we are going to have to have much greater participation if we expect to get Ava’s Law out of the House Committee. We will need more than 10 people to show up. We will need 250. So while things are quiet, please ask your families and employers that if we send out a notice if you can take the time to attend the hearing in person and have everything on stand by!

5. FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Help us spread the word tonight by forwarding this to other Georgia citizens.

This is your chance Georgia to secure autism insurance coverage for your children. Keep up the great work!

With kindest regards,

Shelley Hendrix
Director of State Advocacy Relations
Autism Speaks


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